Information for clients with special needs





When we designed Villa Ampelitis we wanted to meet as well the needs of clients with limited mobility as we realized that it is very difficult to find quality accommodation in Cyprus.
For this reason our facilities include as well the following equipment which is used on own risk:
Pool hoist which is suitable for guests up to 160 kg. 
AKS Foldy moveable hoist.
Wheel in Shower rooms, hight adjustable shower chairs and roll under basins, movable suction grab rails, toilet seats.
Under bed reading table and bedrail. 
Level access & wider doors throughout the ground floor.
Outside ramps are provided to cope with any level changes.
Drive under BBQ table.
Lower mirrors and lower shelves and rails in wardrobes.

If any further equipment is needed we can arrange it for hire, same as a minibus with ramp or lift for transfers and excursions.
We do have as well automatic rental cars with Hand Controls available. 

Regarding the measurements in the property please note the following:

Main house entrance door: 190 cm
Door bedroom downstairs:    87 cm
Space in between two single beds:  106 cm
Shower room door:    90 cm
Space next to toilet left: 130 cm, right 10 cm, in front 40 cm
Space in bathroom between wash basin/toilet/shower: 140 cm x 200 cm
Height of normal toilet:  45 cm
Shower: 100 cm x 96 cm
Door from house to corridor connecting house and pool building: 77 cm
Corridor: 91 cm  100 cm
Door Corridor pool: 85 cm

In order to get more space in the bedroom, one bed can be removed. Just ask. 

Studio 1 & 2 (if measurements  are different for Studio 2 please note info in brackets)
Front door from corridor:  89cm (87 cm)
Drive through: 100 cm 
Entrance to shower room: 89 cm 
Space around the toilet: Right  32 cm (20 cm), Left 18 cm, In front 120 cm
Height of normal toilet: 45 cm
Space in shower room: 110 cm x 160 cm
Studio door to veranda: 87 cm
Shower cubicle base: 100 cm x 100 cm

In Studio No. 1 the sofa bed is 2 m long and 75 cm wide, so it might be even possible to sleep on it without opening it up, and therefore have more space. As well if a single bed in the main house is not required we can put a single bed in the studio and store away the sofa.

Pool Area:

Door poolside shower room: 80 cm
Space next to toilet: right 46 cm, left 50 cm, in front 110 cm
Height of normal toilet: 45 cm
Shower: 100 cm x 110 cm
Space next to pool: 100 cm